Back Problem?

Slouching : Is the universal back problem. It often leads to the permanent and painful deformation of the lumbar spine. Since this deformation grows gradually, you feel only minor soreness and irritation at first. But over years, the pain grows. Each time you slouch, you re-injure your back. Like the tiny straw that eventually breaks the camel's back, these incidents pile up until your pain needs treatment.


Disc Damage : Experts say back pain can often be prevented by developing simple habits, like sitting and standing with proper posture, but developing this strength and discipline is a feat rarely achieved. Our muscles tire and when they do, we slouch. When our muscles give up, lasting disc damage begins.


Ouch : Picture yourself biting a soft ice cream sandwich. see how the soft stuff squishes out the front? Now, imagine your spine when you slouch. Your vertebrae "bite" down on the front of your lumbar discs. Uneven pressure makes the soft "ice cream" core bulge against the back wall of the disc. This, over time, may lead to disc degeneration and very serious back problems.


We can help...

We don't claim our products cure disc damage. However, our supports are effective tools for use in the treatment and prevention of disc compression and disc degeneration caused by slouching. Nada-Chair's back supports are designed to let you sit comfortably for hours with effortless good posture, often providing instant relief of slouching pain.


Medically Proven : Doctors worldwide recommend Nada-Chair supports for the healthy easing of back strain. "It acts like an extra muscle to keep your back supported," reports Dr. Arthur H White Orthopaedic Surgeon and founding director of the San Francisco Spine Institute. The patented back support uses reverse pressure from your knees to stabilize your lumbar spine. Since you can't slouch, your discs are protected.


FAQ : Some ask whether this comfort comes at the risk of weakening your back muscles. Experience shows just the opposite: doctors are using the Nada-Chair back supports to train their patients to sit properly. Once the proper posture is learned, muscles are retrained through muscle memory. Meanwhile the supports provide a guard against slouching and disc damage.


Remember : Your muscles can always be retrained but once your discs degenerate, there's no going back. Try Nada-Chair BackUp. It's love at first sit.