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PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE - The LumbarJack lifting belt was also selected for her range.  Home-based on a small farm block she knew that anyone doing manual labour tasks that involve lifting, carrying or forward leaning, would get maximum benefit from the way these two products complement each other.  The LumbarJack is still the only product on the New Zealand market that has ergonomic Driving Straps for those needing back support driving vehicles or operating machinery.  New Zealand is also the only country offering a Lifting Belt only option,  for those not driving.


Call or text or email Sue if you want to enquire about products and I will get in touch. 

I will be at the following if you want to stop by for a no obligation demonstration.

Dunedin Home Show : 1-3 March

Wanaka A & P Show : 8-9 March - Site T2

Warbirds Over Wanaka : Easter - 29-31 March


WARNING - The Better Back Company is a local New Zealand business, supplying directly to you at events and to your door.  Despatch is normally within 48 hours of an order being placed and customers are protected by NZ consumer law.  Overeas suppliers may not offer this.

Could you sell Better Back products? 

Choose the events or local businnesses, hours and marketing strategies that suit your lifestyle.

Every week people develop back issues that will benefit from these products which assist spine health, give easy self-management for the common causes of back issues, so can save on time and $ spent on treatments.

Want to know more, get in touch.

Sue - Owner & NZ Distributor

The Better Back Company is the New Zealand distributor of Nada Chair products.

We provide posture supports and lifting belts in every size, for a wide range of tasks,

occupations and the medical conditions that affect spine health.  


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HISTORY - The Better Back company was founded 15+ years ago by a nurse with back injuries.  On trying a BackUp (seen here) at the home of a local surgeon, the relief it gave through correct posture and relaxing muscle strain, led her to become the first NZ distributor of Nada Chair products (the US brand name).  Sold worldwide since the 1980s they are used extensively at home, at work, and while sitting for sport or leisure activities; and during manual labour tasks (particularly lifting and carrying). 


TODAY - The Better Back Company offers proven affordable products that give customers support, relief and help with a wide range of back breaking tasks and medical issues.  After being an agent for 10+ years and noticing the continuous customer satisfaction these products achieve, I had no hesitation in taking over the distributorship in 2021. There is a good reason they have been sold continuously around the world  since 1985 - that says something.  


Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat or demonstration.  Ask for a payment option that suits.  YOU ONLY GET ONE BACK - look after it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sue Coulman - Owner 

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