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There are no driving attachments on this design, making the Lifting Belt slim and suitable for under or over clothing.  It has wide elasticated bands which tighten around the back where you need support.  Ideal for use in the workplace, around home and  during many sports or leisure activities like golf, riding, rowing, cycling, hunting, fishing, motocross etc.

WARNING - The Better Back Company is a local New Zealand business, supplying directly to you at events and to your door.  Despatch is normally within 48 hours of an order being placed and customers are protected by NZ consumer law.  Overeas suppliers may not offer this.


The LumbarJack is an industrial lifting belt used when lifting, carrying, forward leaning, driving; and as an aid to maintain mobilisation when acute back problems occur.

USE:  The belt is great for anyone who is doing manual labour tasks - farmers, caregivers, cleaners, tradies, gardeners, builders, the firewood guy, scrub cutters, mechanics and vehicle, tractor or machinery drivers, to name just a few.  

Available in Black only - $160.00

(Includes a Lifting Belt with Driving Straps)

Small:  Up to 95cm     Medium:  95–125cm     Large:  125–165cm

DRIVING STRAPS:  The LumbarJack lifting belt has permanent clips for attaching driving straps.  These are used for long distance driving or when spending hours on a tractor or heavy machinery.  Quick release clips on the belt let you attach driving straps which work to help stabilise the pelvis in the upright position, preventing you from slouching whilst driving.

Recommended for farmers spending long hours doing tractor work, truck drivers, heavy machinery operators and anyone suffering

back pain driving long distances. 

The difference you experience when you get out of your vehicle after using the LumbarJack is amazing.  Instead of trying to straighten up and move with small steps till you have eased up again, you get out feeling fresh and mobile!

This is the 3rd LumbarJack I have bought from you.  I have been using one for 16 years driving the tractor and my car with no back pain.  (Stan - Waikato 2021)


​Thanks for the LumbarJack I bought at field days.  Quad bike riding is less painful, lifting and carrying is easier - for example, getting a ewe into the trailer.  I am enjoying the farming again.  (Mike - Manawatu 2017)

​SPECIAL OFFER:  For people with disc problems who do manual labour tasks and drive long distance, both the BackUp and LumbarJack are products that will be essential in managing your back.  Ask us about our Buy Both special offer!


An industrial Lifting Belt for use during lifting, prolonged forward bending or as an aid to mobilisation when acute back issues arise.

Available in Black only - $95.00

Small: 55-85 cm   Medium: 80-110 cm     Large: 105-135cm 

Have just moved to a property with a big garden needing a lot of work.  The lifting Belt is great for kneeling and bending while gardening.  We had to buy a 2nd one as both wanting to use it. 

                                                                          (Feilding Couple 2021)

Thank you.  I work in a warehouse where a lot of people get back ache but my lifting belt has stopped this.  I feel fitter and not as tired at the end of the day.                     (Jason, Christchurch 2021)

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