The LumbarJack is used for driving, heavy lifting and as an aid to maintain mobilization when acute back problems occur.

Available in Black only - $160.00

(this contains both Lifting Belt and Driving straps)

Small: up to 95cm

Medium: 95–125cm

Large: 125–165cm

The LumbarJack is an industrial lifting belt with permanent clips for attaching driving straps. These are used for long distance driving or when spending hours on a tractor or heavy machinery.


The belt is great for anyone who is doing any heavy manual work or prolonged forward bending. E.g.: Gardeners, Builders, Agricultural & Horticultural workers, Mechanics and Truck drivers to name just a few jobs.


​Special quick release clips on the belt let you attach driving straps which work to help stabilize the pelvis in the upright position preventing you from slouching whilst driving.


Recommended for Farmers spending long hours doing tractor work, anyone suffering back pain driving long distances, truck drivers and heavy machinery operators.


The difference you experience when you get out of your vehicle after using the LumbarJack is amazing. Instead of trying to straighten up and move with small steps till you have eased up again, you get out feeling fresh and mobile!


​For people with disc problems, who drive long distance, do heavy manual work or prolonged forward bending, both the Backup and LumbarJack are the two products that will be essential in managing your back.


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An Industrial Lifting belt for use during lifting, prolonged forward bending or as an aid to mobilisation when acute back issues arise.

Available in Black only - $95.00

Small: 55-85 cm

Medium: 80-110 cm

Large: 105-135cm 

X Large: 135- 165cm


No clips for driving attachments on our new design, making this lifting belt slim and suitable to be worn under or over clothing.

It offers support for mobilisation during acute back problems and is essential for heavy lifting or prolonged forward bending.

'The belt has no stretch so it wont become loose.

It has wide elasticated bands which tighten around the back where you need the support.'

Ideal for use in the workplace and suitable for using during many sports and leisure activities like golf, riding, rowing, cycling, hunting, fishing, motocross etc.