The BackUp is the support every home should have at least one of.  It stops slouching, corrects and retrains the posture essential for maintaining a healthy back.   Ideal for medium and larger builds, it provides optimum comfort while sitting.

Available in Black or Navy - $145.00

The BackUp is recommended for the correct posture of anyone sitting for short and long periods at a desk, computer, in a vehicle, as an aircraft passenger and more.  It relieves a tired aching back following manual labour and provides comfortable sitting during pregnancy.

Plus, with regular use, your posture will retrain through muscle memory because the BackUp effortlessly keeps the pelvis in it's correct position, preventing pressure on lumbar discs.  If you are working at the computer, sit and use it; watching a television programme, sit and use it.  If you come in from gardening, sit in it while having a coffee.  Five to ten  minutes later, your back will be feeling better as you continue your day.


Regular use can be as little as sitting in your BackUp for an hour a day, longer if it suits.  Muscle memory takes 2 to 3 weeks to activate and results in automatic correct posture effortlessly when you sit.  Surgeons advise it is safe to sit in the BackUp for just 5 minutes a day, or all day, as neither do harm - it simply returns your back to the correct posture it was designed for, and retrains the muscles that hold it there.  Also known as the Chair That You Wear, use it at home or in the office,  following a big physically active day, after sport, or when you need a chair while out and about. 


The lightweight (392g) and compact portable design (25x18x7cm) gives you an ergonomic chair anywhere you go - indoors, outdoors, or travelling.  Stretch Straps are included with the BackUp.

Accessory Stretch Straps enable effective stretching of hamstring, adductor and calf muscles, without compromising your lower back.

Tight hamstrings and calves can cause a sore back as the body cannot bend forward keeping a straight back if your muscles are tight.  Stretching them regularly with the Stretch Straps is quick and beneficial.  It is as easy as sitting in a chair with your feet up while using the BackUp with straps attached.  For those who care to do some more advanced stretches there are several included to choose from.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Beyond


Staying comfortable during pregnancy can be a mission, especially in the later months.


A BackUp offers comfortable sitting positions that you and baby will appreciate during this time and well beyond. 


Other family members can also use it to benefit from better posture and back ache relief.



Available in Black or Navy - $80.00

The SportBacker is a more compact version of the BackUp and great for smaller body types.  It was designed for the sports kit and travel bag markets,  allowing you to sit in comfort anywhere in the world!

The SportBacker does not come with Stretch Straps or Cushshins but both can be purchased if required.

tHE kiddyup

Available in Navy - $50.00

To buy a KiddyUp, phone or text us - 027 649 9934.

The KiddyUp is a child-sized BackUp that allows children to sit comfortably anywhere ... erect, crosslegged or in chairs.  Included are a short pair of attractive rainbow-coloured Stretch Straps.  

NOTE:  For parents of children with disabilities, therapists recommend using the KiddyUp to aid in hamstring stretching - a job that normally requires 2 helpers, can be done here with 1, so is likely to be done more regularly.

WARNING - The Better Back Company is a local New Zealand business, supplying directly to you at events and to your door.  Despatch is normally within 48 hours of an order being placed and customers are protected by NZ consumer law.  Overeas suppliers may not offer this.